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Updated: Apr 3

The location for HTC-E6 has been decided!

We will gather in West Virginia.

Beech Fork State Park on Sept 12-15, 2024

Four Coves Loop - the primary location

Lakeview Loops as overflow.

Four Coves and Lakeview Loops are FULL.

We are using Moxley Branch Loop as our overflow.

As of today, 4/3/24, there are over 120 trailers signed up!

If you make reservations for the event, please email us with your lot #.

Looking forward to seeing you in September '24!

West Virginia --- Here we come!

If you are interested in being an Event Sponsor please contact us using the contact form page.

Four Coves camping area is FULL. Overflow is the Lakeview Loop

They have a Disc Golf course.

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