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Introducing Lil' Squirt
Hiker Trailer Mid Range XL '22

This is our 3rd Hiker Trailer (personal and rental). With this build, we kept the things we liked from our previous trailer and upgraded to try out some new (to us) options. We will share our front storage build-out below and include links to products we have added to the trailer. For a detailed walk-around of this rig, check out this YouTube video:


Items we used to build out this trailer:

Noco 12v portable socket:

Oz4WD lights: or on Amazon:

KC lights:

Baja Rock Light:

Blue Sea fuse block:

Toggle switches (3 gang):



Curtain Hooks:

Mattress Insider/Hypervent: Discount Code for 5% off: Share5

AC vent covers - contact us at


Ram mount:


11# propane tank:

Propane hose:

Interior felt boxes:

Shower Room:

Hard Korr 2m tape lights:

Darche awning:

3D printed boxes:


4th Annual Hiker Trailer Campout (HTC-E4):


Front Shelf Build Out

Heights are from the shelf surface to the bottom of the shelf above it.

The depths are from the front lip to the back wall.

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