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HTC-E (Hiker Trailer Campout -East)


Updated: Oct 28

The location for HTC-E6 has been decided!

We will gather in West Virginia.

Beech Fork State Park on Sept 12-15, 2024

Four Coves Loop - the primary location

Lakeview Loops as overflow.

Facebook Event page here

Four Coves area is FULL. We are using Lakeview Loop as our overflow.

As of today, 9-30-23, there are over 100 trailers signed up!

If you make reservations for the event, please email us with your lot #.

Looking forward to seeing you in September '24!

West Virginia --- Here we come!

If you are interested in being an Event Sponsor please contact us using the contact form page.

Four Coves camping area is FULL. Overflow is the Lakeview Loop

They have a Disc Golf course.

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The highlight of the event!! When we 1st started the HTC-E events, we were small enough that everyone walked around together to see everyone’s trailer build-outs. Fast forward to HTC-E5 with over 200 people in attendance…. kind of hard to have everyone at the same lot all at once. We have divided the loops into different times to visit. In the picture below you will see how it has been divided. On Friday: 9-12: Loops E, F, G 2-5: Loops H, I, K, L On Saturday: 9-12: Loops A, B, C, D 2-4: Loops J, M, N, O I recommend you print or screenshot the picture for your reference at the campout. If you want to participate in trailer tours, we request that you stay at your trailer during the assigned time for your loop. Then go ahead and check out other trailers during the other assigned times. We are also going to be handing out a surveyor stake to everyone when they register. This is for the assigned and unassigned times. We ask that you place the stake on your lot near the road. If you see the surveyor stake out - that means anyone can come by and check out your trailer. If you don't want people to stop by, please pull your stake out, and then people know to respectfully move on and come back another time.

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