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Matt and Wendy DeWitt have been married for 27 years. That is 27 years of sharing epic adventures in the great outdoors. We have 2 boys, one is married and the other is in college.

Matt is the fire chief of his local fire dept along with being a local fire inspector.  Wendy is an oncology nurse, walking the cancer journey one day at a time with her patients.

Our hobbies include camping, hiking, biking and making YouTube videos, and sharing our adventures with others. 

Giving Back

Wendy and I both grew up camping in pop-up campers when we were kids. It was about being outdoors exploring the area we were visiting. Since getting married, we have tented, backpacked, to finally getting a pop-up camper with the kids.  After multiple years of putting the pop-up up and down, broken crank cables in 95 degrees heat, packing down wet canvas, and kids getting ready to fly the nest, we started our search for our next adventure rig.  We looked at 30' RVs like our friends were purchasing, to smaller 20' trailers.  The quality of these builds were not what we were looking for.  Brand new rigs with cheap floors, trim falling off, and poor gaskets that had water leaks did not impress us. It was apparent that most RV manufactures are aiming for making trailers lighter and with cheaper materials that just don't hold up over time. 


We wanted something simple that did not require a lot of time to set up when we got to camp, a good night's sleep on a comfy mattress that didn’t deflate in the middle of the night and something that kept us dry during storms all while being made with quality. 

Teardrop trailers checked all those boxes for us, so the search was on for a brand/model that we could trust. 

I (Matt) am a huge researcher. I found that the 3rd party space had multiple companies making teardrops/squardrops. There weren’t many made by big manufacturers when we started our search.  When we started looking at the price of a small teardrop compared to RV trailers we were surprised at first to see we could buy a big traditional trailer for around the same cost --but the quality was completely different!


Our other concern was sleeping in a teardrop - would it feel claustrophobic?  We found a teardrop rental a few hours from home that we tried out. We fell in love with the small trailer style camping: lightweight and easy to tow, quick set up and great sleeping after adventuring during the day.

The one we rented was the traditional teardrop style and Wendy found she hit her knees on the galley that ate into the cabin area when she rolled over at night. So that confirmed we wanted a square drop.

Hiker Trailer soon came to the top of our list - quality construction, fair price and great customer service. We put our purchase order in Aug ‘18 and took delivery in the spring ‘19.  

Our Camping Setup

We have a 2022 Mid- Range Deluxe XL Hiker Trailer

Some larger features include

  • 5' x 10

  • Darche 270 awning

  • 23 Zero shower room

  • Burgandy in color

  • Electric brakes

  • Max fan

  • Large tool box

  • 24 in deep galley

Tow vehicle is a 2015 Chevrolet 1/2 ton Crew Cab pickup.

Some truck features include

  • 5.3L V8

  • Solid fiberglass Auto locking cap

  • Carpeted interior 

  • Mountain Hatch tailgate cover

  • Dometic fridge

  • 8EVP lighting setup in the box

  • Blueridge Overland back seat setup

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