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HTC-E5 Countdown

Here is a preview video of

what to expect at the campout!

If you are signed up for the event but have not been receiving the event emails - reach out to us at

Volunteers: Help Wanted!

Campfire Hosts: We are looking for people to host a campfire at their lot on Friday and/or Saturday evening.

Adopt-a-Newbie/Hiker Host: We are looking for veterans to welcome the newbies.

We will connect you with a few new owners and ask that you connect with them Thursday evening or Friday morning to answer questions they may have (you don’t need to know all the answers) - but most of all make them feel welcome. This does not require you to hang out with them all weekend (unless you want to) - just to make them feel welcome.

Contact us if you are interested in helping in either capacity:


Part of our mission is to “Leave a positive impact in the communities we visit”

Food Pantry

Since the 1st HTC-E event, we have found local food pantries to bless. If you feel inclined, we would appreciate any donation you would be willing to give. This year’s food pantry is the Cumberland County Feed My Sheep Food Pantry.

Saturday Night Giveaway

We have collected some bigger prizes from companies that work well for the small trailer life. Those of you who have a Hiker Trailer or one on order will be able to put your name in for one of those prizes.

We also enjoy having a giveaway of smaller items that everyone gets to be a part of.

The donations for this portion come from all of you!

If you have a small trailer camping item that you really enjoy and think someone else may enjoy it also - bring a new one along to share at the giveaway.

****No pressure to bring anything*****

Gear Swap

Do you find yourself with gear that you are no longer using but is still in good shape?

Bring it along to the campout!

If you are interested in any gear that is for sale,

reach out to the person that is selling it and “make a deal.”

Things to Do.....

Craft Beer Swap If you want to participate, please come to camp with 1 to 4 beers from your home state (or other craft beers you like). The process: 1) On Friday & Saturday, look for the labeled 30-gallon blue tub (labeled “SWAP”) at Lot G4

  • There will be separate tubs for lighter beer (lagers, pilsners, ales) and darker/fuller beers (IPAs, Stouts, Porters).

2) Deposit YOUR donated beers in the swap tub anytime before 1 pm on Saturday. 3) Return anytime after 5 pm Saturday and “withdraw” whichever beers you choose (but equal to the number you deposited!!) (Please don’t remove any beers until everyone has had the chance to deposit!) If the tub gets too full we will put an additional container beside it… a cooler or tote or tub. Treat it all equally. Happy hunting! Campground policy: Drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages shall not be publicly displayed. Please be discreet with this process. We are encouraging a trade. It is up to you if you are drinking at the campground.

Things to do around Dale Hollow State Park

  1. Hiking

  2. Biking

  3. Fishing

  4. Golfing

  5. Marina - boat rentals

Greater Dale Hollow Area (within a couple of hours)

  1. Mammoth Cave National Park

  2. Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area

We want to thank the companies that have

made donations to the giveaway for this year.

Consider them when you are outfitting your trailer:

Hiker Trailers -

**$30 off your Moon Shade Awning***

Discount Code: MWDAdventures

Discount Code: MWD55

InstaPrivy - Instant Portable Toilet Kit

Ratchet Rangler-

Discount code 10% off: MWD

Devos Outdoor lights - LightRanger -

Discount code 10% off: MWD

Oz4WD LED light strips -

Stoke Voltaics Electric Kettle - Joulle:

Discount Code 50% on Amazon (valid 7/29/23-8/31/23): UFHX9VWI - enter at checkout

We are finalizing some additional donations - stay tuned.

Full disclosure, we do participate in affiliate advertising with some of these brands. When you purchase from them you are supporting MWDAdventures

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