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HTC-E4 was a Huge Success

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

WOW!! is all we can say. 72 trailers and 140 people came together for a fun-filled weekend.

The campout officially started on Friday evening, but many people showed up earlier in the week. Matt and I enjoyed visiting and meeting so many of you at the campout.

Food Bank donations - you all rock! Knox Caring Cupboard was very grateful. We received this message from them: "Hi, I am the Coordinator for the Knox Caring Cupboard in Knox, PA. We received your generous donations of food and cash for stocking our shelves for the coming distribution. I was amazed at the generosity of complete strangers. God Bless all of you. We hope your stay at Cook Forest was pleasant. We ordered the nice weather just for you. Thanks again."

One of our goals for this campout is to bring together community - it brought joy to us to watch many of you interacting together and making plans to camp together in the future.


  • Talks about "Living in a Trailer" and "Solar/Battery setups"

  • Pop-up sessions: "Female urination devices" - there was a lot of talk about this one :-) and "Cooking on a Skottle" Tosh sure knows how to cook! Yummy!

  • Trailer tours galore - with 72 trailers to see - I'm sure everyone left with at least one idea to modify their trailer.

  • Giveaway Time -

    • Thanks to our sponsors of the event: Hiker Trailers, Anker, Bluetti, Ignik, GTF Overland, Moon Shade, Mpowerd, Tumbo Tusk, and Mattress Insider.

    • All of you were very generous with your donations for the give away too, which added to the fun!

    • And then there is Dwayne/Theresa and Gregg/Sarah who thought it would be fun to do a few skits about MWD Adventures :-) You will have to see the Overview video for a glimpse of their shenanigans.

Videos from the campout:

Full walk around of a few trailers - to be released this winter

Until next year, Get out and do SOME "Little" Camping!!

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