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HTC-E4 Event Update!

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

The campout is only 6 weeks away!!! Matt and I are excited to see and meet all of you at the event. We put together a video to give you some highlights of the plans for the weekend.

I will be sending out an email every Sunday with some additional information about the campout and things to do in the area.

Event Sponsors:

  • Hiker Trailer:

  • Moon Shade Awnings/Walls:

    • Discount code: MWDAdventures for $30 off


  • Tumbo Tusk:

    • Discount code: mwdadventures for 5% off

  • Mpowerd:

  • Bluetti:

    • Discount code: MWDEB3A

  • Ignik Firecan:

  • Mattress Insider/Hypervent:

    • Discount code: Share5 for 5% off

  • Anker:

    • Discount code coming soon.......

See you in 6 weeks!

Matt & Wendy

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