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We have a tradition at these campouts to collect nonperishable foods/household items and donate them to a local charity. This year we are going to be donating to Knox Caring Cupboard. See info below. While talking with Esther, she states all her families have can openers so the cans don't need to have pop lids. She informed me that the pop lids can actually be harder for her senior adults to open. Here are some items she states they like to stock in their pantry: · Soup, canned fruits and veggies, cereal, pasta and sauce, peanut butter & jelly. · If you would rather donate money, you can donate cash or make a check out to Knox Caring Cupboard. o They partner with a local farmer and buy fresh milk and eggs and purchase items that haven't been donated. Another tradition we do at the campout is the Saturday evening gathering and giveaway. We have partnered with 9 companies that have donated larger items for the giveaway - see below and consider them as you outfit your trailer. We have found that the giveaway is more fun when there is more to give away :-)! This is where you come in. We all have items we love to use while camping. If you would be willing to buy a new item and donate it to the giveaway we would appreciate it! This year we thought we would add a new activity. Gear Sale! If you have items that you are no longer using but are still in good working order. Add them to the tracking form: This way people that are interested in your gear can find you and you can negotiate pricing :-). Event Sponsors: · Hiker Trailer: · Moon Shade Awnings/Walls: o Discount code: MWDAdventures for $30 off · · Tumbo Tusk: o Discount code: mwdadventures for 5% off · Mpowerd: · Bluetti: o Discount code: MWDEB3A · Ignik Firecan: · Mattress Insider/Hypervent: o Discount code: Share5 for 5% off · Anker: o Discount code comimg soon Matt & Wendy MWD Adventures - Get out and do some camping!

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